Ever feel you’d have to live to be 150 to get everything done?  And even if you did, you still won’t have time to do what you REALLY want to do with your life…


Your To Do list grows while you deal with a crisis, drop everything to meet a deadline or get sidetracked by someone else’s new project.  Soon your To Do list has become a To Do book, and every task on it is a potential failure!  Other people dictate what you do and when you do it… and before you know it, you’re living your life dancing to someone else’s tune.

I bet you had big dreams.  Before you had to “face reality,” before you were overcommitted and overwhelmed keeping up with everyone’s demands, what big plans did you have?  If you had the power to create the life you want, what big things would you accomplish?  What if I told you that you could…


Plan to Succeed

The Natural System to Take Control of Your Life and Unlock Your Full Potential for Creative Geniuses


Dear Friend,

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with all your commitments?  Do you spend so much time putting out fires that you’re dropping the ball… with clients, with your boss, with your spouse, with your family, with your friends?  Is your credibility shot?

You run as fast as you can, in a constant rush, trying to check tasks off your To Do list while every day, some new crisis jumps to the top of the list, completely throwing you off track.  It’s impossible to plan, it’s impossible to work on your personal projects, its impossible to even imagine having free time! Productivity is where the “rubber meets the road” and you can’t get any traction!

Is your life passing you by, with never a spare minute to tackle your most rewarding personal projects or creative hobbies, volunteering, spending time having fun with your family?  (Are you saying, “Ha! Who has time for that!?”)

Those are the things that bring joy to your life, and you’re letting them all slip away, hour by hour, day by day, until, before you know it, years you’ll never get back are gone…

Perhaps you think (so many ADHDers tell me this!) you don’t deserve time for yourself, time off, time for fun!  After all, you haven’t finished what you committed to doing and there’s still so much left to do!

Maybe you’ve tried traditional Time Management systems (maybe you’ve tried them all!) only to find none of them work for you.  You’re discouraged, and unfortunately, I’m not surprised…

Traditional Time Management… DOESN’T WORK!

Not for you… never has… never will!

The ADHD brain responds perfectly to a crisis, excels in emergencies and focuses like a laser when something sparks your interest.  “Time management” systems aren’t compatible with your brain.  ADHDers struggle to organize time and activities using traditional methods.

Traditional time management is all about logistics.  It’s about rote application of a complicated formula that bores you to tears (you’ll never stick with it once the novelty wears off!) and it does nothing to compensate for a poor working memory, overcome procrastination or build momentum so you can follow through on all your projects instead of running pell-mell between emergencies, putting out fires!

Worse, these programs don’t give you the chance to implement, mess up, adjust and get it right while you still have access to experts to help you iron out the kinks.  Plan to Succeed happens over eight weeks because it takes time to implement ANY program; that’s just part of being human.  You learn best taking baby steps (that’s why babies always start with those!), one stretch out of your comfort zone at a time.  “Leaps” seem more impressive but they never last.  Plan to Succeed recognizes you’re human and includes time for experimenting, adjusting and yes, sometimes falling back on old habits.

You’re a Creative Genius!

You’re motivated.  And you’re more than smart enough.  Let me assure you right now… You’re not the problem.  Why don’t typical time-management programs (and won’t EVER!) work for you?

As one of the leading productivity experts for adults with ADHD, I’ve worked with countless professionals, entrepreneurs, adults with ADHD and other Creative Geniuses… absolutely brilliant people who, because of their ADHD (and the complete failure of traditional approaches to time management for Creative Geniuses), were living completely out of control… overwhelmed by their To Do lists, their agendas… their lives!  You’re in excellent company because you all struggle with the same issues…

  • You’re frustrated by a To Do list that has become a To Do “book” of things you meant to do.
  • All your plans go off the rails almost immediately… why even bother?
  • It’s so hard to get started you’re often out of time before you make any progress.
  • You’re overwhelmed… there’re so many tasks, you can’t decide what to do next!
  • You’re reminded of everything you failed to complete, things you’ll probably never get to!
  • You can’t complete tasks, because of constant interruptions with new emergencies.
  • You over commit only to miss deadlines and disappoint colleagues and loved ones.
  • Others remind you of the commitments you missed, until they stop counting on you at all.
  • You feel plagued by self-doubt and self-criticism?
  • You’re frozen… you work best totally immersed in a project, but you can never clear your schedule to focus!
  • You can’t follow through… if you could, your life would be completely different and so much better!

It’s painful and frustrating to know you have such potential, to try so hard and yet to always end up where you began.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  The unique wiring of your ADHD-brain holds all the formulas you need to succeed.  All you’re missing is the key to unlock your productivity.

Plan to Succeed, a program designed especially for ADHD adults, is crammed with techniques specifically developed for creative thinkers like you.  It’s based on years of work with ADHD adults who’ve used these tools to accomplish great things!

I’ve seen so many of you struggle to control your day-to-day lives – personal and professional.  Your energy is so drained just surviving today, you’re robbed of your dreams for tomorrow.  Making the best use of your time today will allow you to recapture your big dreams.  What’s more, with Plan to Succeed, you’ll accomplish them!

If you don’t run your life, someone else will.

Seize control instead of letting external forces push you around like driftwood in stormy waters, you’ll quickly:

  • Master tools designed just for Creative Geniuses to plan your work and work your plan.
  • Tame your To Do list and turn it into a tool to get what you want done instead of a reminder of everything you’ll never get to.
  • Make real, measurable progress on your projects and move rapidly toward your goals.
  • Feel the thrill of crossing of tasks (without having them immediately replaced by three more!)
  • Build your confidence, controlling your days and your life so when the “rubber meets the road,” you’re gripping the road like glue.
  • Never forget a promise or obligation again!  Be someone people count on.
  • Eliminate obstacles to your productivity, and find yourself out in front, leading the pack with nothing but hours of free time open in front of you!
  • Never miss another appointment, deadline or commitment, when you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • End your fire-fighting days for good.  There’s never a crisis when you’ve planned for everything.
  • Feel competent when you can take full responsibility for your life and your success!
  • Organize time easily, zooming from a big picture view to critical details and back effortlessly.
  • Feel proud – and deservedly so – when you impress others with your newfound preparedness at meetings and events.

Yes, it’s possible – even easy, once you know the ADHD-friendly approach to control your life – to get your life where and how you want it to be.  All you need is the right vehicle to get you there.  You’ve got a Ferrari brain… Plan to Succeed is like Driver’s Ed. for Formula One!

The Plan to Succeed program for ADHD Adults combines everything I’ve learned and tested with ADHDers from numerous professions and from all walks of life into a program that guarantees your success.

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