Plan to Succeed. The Natural System to Take Control of Your Life, Turn Plans to Reality and Unlock Your Full Potential for Creative Geniuses program includes everything you need to make real, measurable progress on your projects, build your confidence, keep your commitments and much more.

Immediate Access to Everything You Need

Get immediate access to the electronic documents you can use directly on your iPad or computer, or you can print it out so you can write in the margins, doodle, bend, fold, staple… whatever you need. You will also have audio and video recordings to keep your creative brain fully engaged regardless of your preferred learning style. Everything is available for instant download on our secure, private, members-only Website and includes:

  • eBook and worksheets*
  • Audio recordings to play on your iPod or MP3 player
  • Video instructional series **

* You will not receive printed books ** Video and audios are online only. DVDs are available for an additional $99

Online Self-Study Program

In this program, you’ll receive automated emails with complete instructions of your mission of the week and reminders to help you complete the program. These emails are timed to allow you to complete one small but significant step per week. You’ll need to determine a time for reading and/or watching videos and for self-awareness exercises.

You’ll Never Want to Go Back

This is life-transforming stuff. Read the material, listen to the recordings, watch the videos, do the work… and in eight weeks, your life will be completely transformed. You’ll never be able to go back to the way you are now, and you won’t want to!